Business Services Overview

  1. Comprehensive and all inclusive cultivation startup planning, application submissions, and operations and management consulting.

  2. Knowledgeable business insight and strategy development for entrepreneurs, investment funds, and financial companies looking to enter into or expand within the legal cannabis marketplace.

  3. National licensing: writing for competitive applications for cultivation facilities, and business opportunities for any state within the U.S.

  4. Full cultivation facility design and buildout:

    • Custom solutions based on state and local requirements and ownership preferences. Ability to customize solutions to fit the goals of the ownership and budgetary requirements.

    • Full cultivation planning, scheduling, and mapping for streamlined startup and ongoing success with predictable results.

    • Design and consultation for irrigation and drainage, lighting, benching, multi-tiered racks, CO2 systems, drying and post harvest processes.

    • Climate automation and fertigation design, implementation, and training.

  5. Create facility designs and operational planning for work flow, staff coordination, harvest planning, and harvest/production scheduling for plant related operations.

  6. Design of water filtration and treatment systems to fit custom needs for each client facility and region.

  7. Experienced in indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, retractable roof greenhouses, hydroponics, organic soil, large scale and small scale production.

  8. Project management and oversight of design, build, and startup phases.

  9. Provide information and guidance to general contractors, architects, engineers, and subcontractors related to cannabis specific equipment and requirements.

  10. Knowledgeable in common mistakes and omissions during the design, build, and start up phases.

  11. Comprehensive knowledge of retrofitting and starting ground up facilities to meet low budget tried and true builds, and high budget, sophisticated, state of the art facilities.

  12. Budget proforma and financial forecasting for startup businesses and ongoing operations.

  13. Business plan creation and development based on client specific needs.

  14. Educational and training services on cannabis operations for all license types.

  15. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program development, implementation and best practices for pest control and prevention.

  16. Breeding and genetic development through detailed, and rigorous Research& Development programs

  17. Quality control and brand development, IP protection, and marketing.

  18. Packaging and labeling design and consultation.

  19. Compliance consulting.

  20. Staffing management, assistance with staff hiring, employee development, training, and oversight.

  21. Creating, editing, and implementing Standard Operating Procedures, and all other operations and compliance documents needed.

  22. Development of positive culture within each organization for maximum employee morale and productivity.

  23. Assistance with development of, or revision of inventory tracking/seed-to-sale compliance operations.