Bickel Consulting began in 2015 with the goal of spreading Matthew Bickel’s passion for cultivating high quality cannabis plants and spreading his love of the plant. By offering an array of business services, decades of combined professional cultivation experience, and a network of knowledgeable and seasoned industry experts, Bickel Consulting serves as the bridge between the board room and the grow room. Bickel Consulting is based in Denver, Colorado, and provides cannabis businesses worldwide with solutions to increase efficiency and productivity, team satisfaction, cultural practices and philosophies, and sustained profitability.


Having worked in 21 different states and countries, Bickel Consulting has seen and worked with all styles of cultivation, from outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor, with use of soil, as well as deep water culture, rock wool, aeroponic, and coco coir based hydroponic methods. In the rapidly changing legal cannabis market, we pride ourselves on staying true to the roots of cannabis cultivation and culture, while remaining informed and up to date on all advancements in technology, cultivation knowledge and techniques, applicable laws, and best business practices.